Message from the School Nurse

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of 9th grade students,
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health mandates that all 9th grade students undergo screenings for scoliosis.  The goal of this screening is to improve the early detection of children who may be at risk for any impairments or special health problems related to this area.  This year we will be screening students beginning on May 20th, and we will conduct them as needed until the entire class has been screened.  Your child's screening will be conducted here at the school and we will notify you if there are any concerns.  We encourage you to share these results with your child's medical provider, as they are in the best position to evaluate your child's overall health.  If your child has had a recent physical with their primary doctor within the last 12 months and you would like to decline or waive this screening, please inform the Health Office in writing and we will excuse them from the screening. 
Please feel free to contact us here in the health office with any questions or concerns at: 978-921-6132 option #7.


Kim Pappas RN BSN

Kerrie Guinivan RN 

Mandy McCormack RN