National Honor Society Selection Process

The object of the Gamma Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasmfor scholarship, to stimulate a desire to give service, to promote able leadership, and toencourage the development of character in Beverly High School students. Candidates willhave spent at least one semester in Beverly High School and shall be members of the junioror senior class.

Scholastically eligible (3.75 GPA) juniors will be notified of their eligibility after second quarter (usually in March). Seniors will be notified in mid-October. In addition to the minimum scholarship average, a student must have demonstrated the following:

Leadership:All elected or appointed leadership positions held in school, community, or work activities in which the candidate is directly responsible for directing or motivating his/her peers will be considered. Examples of leadership include: holding or running forclass office or officer position in a club, being an athletic team captain, student-director indrama, section leader in the band, demonstrating initiative in promoting school activitiesfounder/co-founderof a new activity, etc. 
 Service:Service is generally considered to be those actions undertaken by the student that are donein or outside of school with or on behalf of others without any direct financial or materialcompensation. Any service performed in school, the community, or with religiousorganizations will be considered. A candidate must have been involved in a significantform of service during his/her freshman year onward. This does not necessarily meancommunity service, but a student must show that he/she has given up time to help others inan unselfish manner.

Requirements: Freshman year at least 10 hours, Sophomore year at least 15 hours andJunior year at least 20 hours of community service must be performed. Examples ofservice include: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, religious/church groups, tutoring, volunteeringservices to those in need etc.

Character:The candidate should have displayed outstanding character. A person of characterdemonstrates the following six qualities: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness,caring and citizenship. A candidate may demonstrate this by taking criticism willing,accepting responsibility graciously, and complying with school regulations and staffinstructions both in and outside of the classroom. An applicant’s character is determinedthrough 3 teacher recommendations that are a required part of the NHS application. Inaddition, any previous suspendable/disciplinary offense, infraction of school rules and /orimproper conduct may be cause for rejection of a candidate. All candidates must displayacademic integrity (avoid plagiarism, cheating, etc.)

Candidates must fill out an NHS Application that demonstrates/describes theirleadership, service, and character. Students who submit these forms by the establisheddeadline should understand that review of this information by the Faculty AdvisoryCommittee DOES NOT guarantee election.Members are expected to maintain these high standards during the entirety of theirmembership. Failure to do so may result in probationary status or resignation fromNational Honor Society.